Tuesday, 8 December 2015


'Bodyguard'       5x5         oil on gessoed board

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This white flower is a famous singer. She is now performing on a stage under bright spotlights. There are a lot of crowds who are wildly excited about her songs. The apple is guarding her with 'eagle eyes' to make sure her show goes well.  Yes, I got the title from the movie - 'The Bodyguard'. :)


  1. Jiyoung, my eyes love visiting all your brushstrokes again and again in this painting. You must have a wonderful collection of jars, bottles, and other props. I find myself drawn to your still lifes every time I see them, and I think to myself I'd like to paint some still lifes myself, but thus far I have not done more than a very few, and none recently. I wonder when. Thanks for the gift of your art.

    1. Thank you so much for your lovely comment, Dotty! I think, sometimes, it takes time to start or restart something. It took me around 18 years to re-begin painting. If there is a will, it'll come to you eventually. I am looking forward to see your still lifes.