Monday, 30 November 2015

Kiss That Frog !

'Kiss That Frog !'        6x6 in        oil on gessoed board

 I have a book list to paint (not the shape of books but the message in them) and this book - 'Kiss That Frog' by Brian Tracy & Christina Tracy Stein was recently added to the list. They beautifully described how to remove our fear and take another step move forward by borrowing the story of fairy tale 'the Frog Princess'. According to this book, if we look at our fear (frog) right and remove it (by kissing it), the fear will turn into the positive elements( handsome prince) that exist within every situation. I love the analogy and wanted to paint this book. And I immediately knew how to convert the message into a painting. I guess you already know how I did it. **wink** **wink**

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