Saturday, 3 October 2015

Cocktail Milk (Reposting)

'Cocktail Milk'      6x6 in     oil on Gessobord

This is another reposting for $1 auction on DPW. I painted this in June, 2015. This painting is the first painting that I used black and I like how this painting turned out, especially, the color combination ( Black and Red + White )

When I thought about listing my paintings as an auction, I was eager to try it out to see what happens but also I was very nervous at the same time. There were many 'what ifs'. However, I have listed 4 auctions so far (including this one) and I am actually enjoying every process - choosing which one to list next , watching my paintings being bidden, packing and shipping it after the auction ends and emailing with the winners. It's way more enjoyable than I expected. Thank you so much who bid on my paintings, who read my blog, have interest in my paintings and leave kind comments. ** a deep bow from me ** 

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