Saturday, 26 September 2015

Broken Egg (reposting)

'Broken Egg'     6x6 in      oil on canvas panel

This painting 'Broken Egg' was painted in March, 2015. And I am reposting this to offer a dollar auction in DPW. (Daily Paint

As some of you might know already, I've been having a little break from my art studio. And also an autumn cold decided to visit me this week and helping me to get an even more rest. While I am surrounded by lots of Kleenex tissues and many cups of ginger tea, I decided to continue listing some of my paintings as a dollar auction for a while. 

I listed the first one on eBay a couple of weeks ago and I was very excited to send the painting to the winner when the auction ended. It's fun and nervous at the same time to watch how the auction goes and I enjoyed it. So I've listed the second one,'Broken Egg', in DPW this time. Probably I will list some in eBay and some in DPW alternatively until I figure out which one fits better for me. I will keep you posted in my blog when I list an auction. So please stick around ! 

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