Thursday, 26 March 2015

Bowing Stalk

'Bowing Stalk'       6x6       oil on canvas panel
I usually finish my small paintings at one seat and this technique is called "alla prima". So, once I start painting, I stay at my easel until the painting is done ( with one or two break times ). But this painting was done by two seatings. And there was a 7 hour gap between those two attempts.  Does it still consider as alla prima? ( I just wondered)

Why I didn't finish it at one seat? ---- Well, I spent too much time setting up the composition. (sometimes it takes more hours than painting time)  By the time this painting was half done, it was time to pick up my son. And then there was a Taekwondo class, trip to a library, playdate, dinner time and bed time - you know how the life goes with kids. **smile**


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