Saturday, 24 January 2015

After Dish-washing

6x6 in         oil on canvas board
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Day 24 for 30 in 30 challenge.  Good news!  My craving for friends is healed. One of my friends happened to come over to have a chat with me today and I was treated for the craving ** grin in delight ** 
I love painting and don't have any problem being alone in my studio for several days. I have busy inner life and I love to daydream so being by myself kind of helps me to keep my sanity. BUT!  Painting is a solitary job. If I am off my guard too long, I lose the balance of my life. A lesson learned.

My son's school paper

This is the work sheet that my son brought home yesterday. It's funny what a 6 year old boy has in his mind. Please click the image to see what I mean. ( try to read circled words ;)