Monday, 18 January 2016


'Ahhhh.......'      5x5 in       oil on gessoed board
I had a tough time naming this painting. I wanted to have something imaginative title for it but I could only think of 'yellow plate' - which is okay ( but just wished a teeny-tiny bit more imaginative than that.)  After spending several hours on the title without a success, I decided to ask for a help to my 7 year old son who sees everything as faces: All windows and doors in a house appear eyes and mouth to him. A breakfast with eggs and bacons look a human face to him....and so on.
This is the conversation we had
Me:       "Hey, I need some ideas to give this painting a name. Do you have any suggestions?"
My son: "Of course it's a face, Mom."
              "These two bottles are eyes and the yellow plate is a big wide open mouth."
              "And it's saying "Ahhhhhh......".  ( he ignored the poor apple )
Me:       "......................"
Okay,  obviously his idea is more imaginative than mine, I will use his idea - period.
ps. strangely now I see it as a face after my son's comment...


  1. You paint glass beautifully!

  2. Love that green glass... fun reading your post too :)

  3. Lovely work, and I enjoyed your blog post. I'm having fun naming paintings, too! I am also a fan of Carol Marine. Keep up the good work!

  4. Hi, Sheila!! Thank you so much :)
    Hi, Peg, I am glad that you enjoyed my blog. Carol Marine is such an inspiration. Let's keep our brushes moving !!!