Thursday, 10 December 2015

Tell Me More

'Tell Me More'            6x6 in          oil on gessoed board

While working on these flowers, the word - 'Friends' was in my mind for this painting's title. It seemed to me that they (the daisies) were chatting each other with giggles like teenage friends would do. And then I came up with a better word to describe it - 'Tell Me More'. As I am writing this post, I am also listening to the song - 'Summer Nights' by Grease


  1. I'm loving this series of flowers, and your friends/tell me more mindset plays out so beautifully in your painting. The following line from a novel by Sue Miller entitled While I Was Gone came to mind and asked me to share them with you:
    "When I moved in the next day, there was a coffee can set on the battered old desk, filled with spry white daisies."

  2. Thank you, Dotty for sharing the line. :)