Sunday, 1 November 2015

Wrapped Words Series - 'Hope' (Reposting)

Wrapped Words Series - 'Hope' /  5x5 in /  oil on gessoed board

A long long time ago, one artist had a metal art exhibition somewhere in Seoul and I was there. The artist was proudly showing one of his series of white gold rings titled 'Diamond Rings'. But unlike the title, no diamonds were shown on the series. They were just simple geometric shapes with a cube on top of each rings.  

People talked in a whisper that why they couldn't see any diamonds on the rings ( I was wondering the same thing). The artist noticed it and said "It's inside of each cubes" and  he picked up and shook one of the rings in the air so that others can hear something was inside. And then there was silence for a while. One of audiences broke the quiet and asked "How do we know you put an actual diamond instead of a tiny stone or something."  He looked at us and paused for  a few seconds and said firmly " I did !". Then there was another silence.

I inadvertently carried this away but it gave me a thought later on - I kind of agree with the phrase 'seeing is believing'. But what if we just believe a diamond is there although we can't see it. Just the belief gives us pride of the diamond? No matter a diamond is really inside or not - if we believe it's there, isn't it enough? Like we can't see  or touch hope or dream but we all know it's there.

This is another piece of thoughts that has lead me to start Wrapped Words Series. I thought I should share it here.

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