Friday, 20 November 2015

Duo in Blue

'Duo in Blue'        6x6 in       oil on gessoed board

I painted this same duo in different back drops last week - blue, purple and yellow so far. And planning to do in more colors as well (maybe in green, orange and black) . My purpose for this exercise is to see how many various values and temperature I can get for one color group. I especially wanted do it with glass bottles because of their transparency - I don't need to search same color objects to paint, just need to change the back drops.  Doesn't it sound fun to try?


  1. Awesome fun exercise! May have to steal at some point :)

    1. Hello, Marcela! Thank you for leaving a comment. I have done this same composition in 4 colors so far and still like to do more. It is fun and I recommend you try it out. You'll have fun too. :)