Monday, 12 October 2015

WWS-'Create' (Reposting)

Wrapped Words Series - 'Create' / 5x5 in / oil on Gessobord

(Reposting) This is one of my Wrapped Words Series tiled - 'Create'. Many pieces of small thoughts have taken me to begin this series and I'd like to share one of them here.

When I saw the paintings that include a wrapped gift in on-line galleries, I couldn't take my eyes off from them for a while. They all seemed to ask me to imagine what would be inside. So I started to wonder 'what are the best gifts that I have received so far?' and 'Why?'

I first thought of the things that I got. There are so many to mention - laptop, clothes, necklaces and etc. The more I think about it, the longer list it gets. But some of my favourites are the mixed tapes, the notes written on a slip of paper from high school friends and the foods that my mother made for my special days. Those were kind of things but what they also include were : care, friendship and love. I realized that the most part I really appreciated were those intangibles.

Soon I wanted to paint wrapped gifts that hold the abstract values that we can't touch or see but we all know they exist in our briefs such as hope, passion, courage and many many more. I needed to figure out how to give shapes to those. Probably you already guessed how I did it by reading my title 'Wrapped Words Series' and here is my very first wrapped word - 'Create'.

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