Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Wrapped Words Series - 'Brave'

Wrapped Words Series - 'Brave'  / 6x6 in  / oil on Gessobord
I was talking about my wrapped words series to one of my friends, Jeni, a few month ago. I think I said that it would be really nice if I receive the word I really need for a certain situation as a present. You know........sometimes the right word gives you the right power. (for example, I like to start new things but don't have enough courage to do it so probably I am hesitating, then someone gives me a gift. When I open it, there is a word 'Brave' or 'Courage', I think that would a great gift that I just need for that moment. ) Jeni liked the idea and it inpired her to write a poem about it. So here, I would like to share one of my WWS painting 'Brave' and Jeni's poem together.- hope you enjoy these as much as I do.

The Greatest Gifts

A special gift, what could be inside?
Adorned with bows and sparkles it hides
The question of what it will be,
Fills my mind with curiosity

Wants and needs are variable
Sometimes a need is intangible
Do I want a trinket or token?
So often my needs go unspoken 

I need love, courage, esteem and hope
Or simply the means by which to cope
I want your gift to be what you need, too
If I figure it out, I’ll give it to you

Perhaps you desire a reprieve
Or comfort for a loss you grieve
Perhaps you need some inspiration
Or to revel in anticipation

Imprisioned sometimes by our own inaction
We need to ask for a little compassion
We can’t always have the thing that we crave
But we’ll get what we need if we are brave

When we find our spirits need a lift
Sometimes the right words are the greatest gifts

- Jeni

I usually forget to take photos once I start painting but I remembered this time :)


  1. Your process is fun to watch. Great pics and wonderful art!

  2. What could be inside? I love to have one.