Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Wrapped Words - 'Create'

'Wrapped Words - Create'    /      5x5 in     /    oil on Gessobord

This is first painting for wrapped words series. When I saw other artists' wrapped gifts paintings online here and there, I immediately knew that I wanted to paint them too. I always thought wrapped gifts were beautiful but I had never thought they could be great still life subjects to paint. So when I saw painted wrapped gifts, I was so excited to find a new props.  Soon I started collect small boxes and colorful ribbons: meanwhile I also started to think about what would be true meaning of gifts , what kind of gifts I would like to receive or give and what was the best gift I got so far....... these thoughts have lead me to start 'wrapped words' series and I picked 'create' for the first word.

I wrote 'Create' on paper.
and placed it in the box
wrapped it with ribbon and painted it.
I know it sounds like unnecessary work because people will only see the package but , to me,  it's meaningful that an inspiring word was there while it was being painted.

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