Friday, 24 July 2015

A bowl of Apples + One

'A bowl of Apples + One'      6x6 in    oil on Gessobord
 It has been almost 7 months since I started Daily Painting and blogging to share my works here. I am having a good moment to look back my 'short but meaningful to me' art life now.
To confess, I struggled with my own life emotionally for many years. I desperately needed to find a way out from the pit of emotion and painting was the breakthorugh.  I began to paint to heal my soul.  
This soon-to-be 7 months has been a great healing process for me and I am glad that I found Daily Painting Movement through Carol Marine's book: 'Daily Painting' which helped me to start painting at the right timing. And I feel good to say that I am no longer struggling with my inner life now as much as I was before and happier.
To people who might wonder why I am making this confesstion out of blue, Ummmm...........I just wanted to share some of my personal story here - that's all :)
By the way, I did this painting to summit to The Bowlful Challenge on DPW. It was fun and I like to do more of this challenge when I found the right bowl for the right fruits or vegertable. Thanks for reading and have a nice day !

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