Tuesday, 9 June 2015

My Coffee

'My Coffee'      5x7 in     oil on canvas panel
This is my first summer spending in my new apartment. It is a three story H- shape building and my suite is on the top floor at inside corner. And there is no trees around that are taller than our building. Which means..... it gets really hot in summer. I mean REALLY hot. Sometimes I am sweating just by sitting still. It reminds me of Korean summer except humidity which is kind of nice.  But now it's only June but already worrying how I can spend July and August. I get to remember how I beared Korean summer without an air conditioner. 

my new easel set up - happy with it :)
I used an french easel as my studio easel for a while and wanted have a smaller and lighter one that I can easily move around in my studio. I did some research in internet and this is what I decided to stay with - Alla Prima Pochade Box. I am using it as my studio easel but it's originally designed for outdoor use so someday I will use it as it's true intension. 

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