Monday, 25 May 2015


'Study'   6x6 in   oil on canvas panel

By painting daily, I believe that I am improving everyday - little bit at a time. But sometimes there is a moment (often) that I don't know anything about how to paint. Today I had that moment when I was painting this **sigh**  After struggling with the mug and apples for about an hour, I decided to leave it alone. I hope today's frustration will lead me to do better painting in the future. Tomorrow will be a better day :D
Updated - It hurts to watch this painting ( just brings me out all the frustration back everytime I see it) so I decided to make this photo smaller than I normally post. Once I thought about removing it but oh, well......  I will just leave it here. Will I post another painting that I am not proud of ? Well...... maybe not again. :)

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