Thursday, 12 March 2015

Pear Studies

  'Pear Studies'        3.5x5 in(each)     oil on canvas boards
These are the pears that I painted yesterday. My aim was to mix close colors to real pears. I used same colors for all of them (Cad Yellow light + Cad Red Deep + French Ultramarine Blue) to make the greenish pear color but varied amount of paints for each.
I mixed the yellow and blue first to make green and then added red. I used little bit of red on first one (photo A) and slightly added more red on the second ( photo B ) and more red on the last ( photo C)
I am happy with photo C. It looks more natural than the other two ( in my opinion) and is close to the color of the pear that I was actually painting. When I mixed more red than I think I should add, the result was better. Also I like how the stalk turned out on photo C. :D

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