Monday, 30 March 2015

C' mon Up!

'C' mon Up !'    5x7    oil on canvas board
USD $100     Click here to purchase
I recently had 'a ha' moment about painting white objects.  Painting white was very challenging for me. Whenever I painted white cups or plates, they turned muddy. I triple rinsed my brushes before mixing fresh grey(white) to avoid muddy colors but it didn't work. They still looked  mucky. 
Now I figured out why - It wasn't my brush. It was paint remained on the surface. I use brown paint (burnt umber) for drawing and then slightly wipe it out before putting colors. Then it leaves misty image that guides me to paint. And usually there is quite a bit of  paint left on a canvas.  Now I am thinking ' the slightly wiping' underdrawing wasn't enough! It needs to be rubbed roughly! So that there should be ultra, super, tiny amount of paint left. - just tiny bit of paint to see your drawing.  White can be mixed very easily with what is underneath. So that was the brown paint that made the overall looking of painting look muddy and cloudy.

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