Thursday, 29 January 2015


6x6 in           oil on canvas board
Leslie's 30 in 30 challenge Day 29.  As probably some of you already know, painting white cups usually gives me frustration and there wasn't an exception today. Oh well.......... eventhough they still look muddy and have gotten me discouraged, I decided to be optimistic. Maybe I am getting better at painting white objects. Maybe I just don't realize it yet. Maybe all of the sudden, I will be really good at painting whites if I keep doing it. ( okay, be positive! be positive !!! )  **wink** **wink**
Anyways, It's already 29th day of the challenge and only one painting to go! I will end this challenge by painting a white cup again. See you tomorrow !


  1. Dear Jiyoung: I've appreciated looking at your brave and wonderful work during this event. I have a new virtual painting pal! Thank you for adding me to your blog list. I intend to follow yours throughout the year so keep those white objects coming. Laurel

  2. Another beauty - despite what you say. :). I too, have enjoyed meeting you through this challenge, admire your work and your work ethic! We will all keep practicing and see where we get!

  3. Jiyoung , Beautiful painting. It is very peaceful. And I think you do very well painting the whites. I will look you up on Facebook so I can continue following your work.