Sunday, 4 January 2015

Five Green Apples

                                  Five Green Apples     6x8    oil on canvas board 

4th painting for the challenge. I am having fun painting green apples. They are pleasure to look at while painting eventhough my favorite apples are gala. The background looks purple on the photo but actually it's a lot greyer on the real painting. I should get a how to/ step by step Photoshop guide book I guess.


  1. Jiyoung, Welcome to daily painting! I hope you enjoy it as much as I have. Such a great way to improve one's painting skill and also meet other painters. Your paintings are great! A tip on getting the color right in photographs: take your photo against a white piece of paper. You can use settings on your camera to make the paper white, or you can use Enhance/AdjustColor/ColorVariations in Photoshop Elements to make the paper white. Then the other colors should be true. It looks like your camera has a bit too much red, which is a problem with mine as well. Happy painting!

  2. Hello, Bobbi. When I found the daily painting movement, I thought "That's it, that's what I wanted," and I am glad that I am being a part of it now. Thank you so much for your kind welcome comment and also for the photo tips. Your tips make sense so I will get a white paper and try it.

  3. Beautiful work! Your apples are inspirational!